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Bayshore Benefits

Box In A Box

At Bayshore Fine Art Storage, we give our clients two of everything for the price of one: two sets of walls, two roof lines, two layers of security, two power systems, and redundant processes to manage inventory. We provide security and peace of mind unmatched in the industry.

Private Vault Storage

At Bayshore we believe that privacy ranks at the top of your concerns, and that’s why we make it our priority to offer private vault storage for your collection. Not only do you benefit from the added safety and security of our “Box in a Box” system, but you also know that what’s inside that vault is yours, and yours alone.

Shared Space Also Available

While we are known for our superior “Box in a Box” system, we realize that some clients do not require a private vault. If shared space is your preference, we can meet your needs. With our viewing rooms, it is easy for you or your representative to view your collection in Delaware at any time. Just let us know and we will set it up.

The Best Light Is No Light At All

We know that the best way to store fine art is in total darkness. When we turn on the lights in our warehouse, your private art storage vault is still pitch black.

Viewing Rooms

For your convenience, Bayshore Fine Arts Storage offers a viewing room at each of our Foreign-Trade Zone certified locations.

Each viewing room features LED lighting and is equipped with hooks for hanging your works of paintings or photographs and carpeted platforms for displaying sculptures and other non-hanging artwork.

Comfortable seating is available for you and others in your viewing party.

Contact your Bayshore personal art storage coordinator to make an appointment to use a viewing room.

Inventory Management

At Bayshore Fine Art Storage, we do more than care for your fine art in the safest, most secure storage facilities in the industry.

We also offer the services of a personal art storage coordinator who will manage the inventory of your collection, coordinate all deliveries, and releases and locate any additional resources or services requested by our clients, including appraisal and crating services.

Your personal art storage coordinator will maintain a complete listing of all the pieces in your collection that have ever been stored at Bayshore. Our inventory system provides a trustworthy double-check with your own collection database. Should you ever have a question about the status of an item that is (or was) stored at Bayshore, your peace of mind is just a phone call away.